About the OHC

Map of the 51 counties in four states involved in the Regional Health AssessmentIn early 2015, a variety of organizations across the Ozarks came together to better understand the health status, behaviors and needs of the populations they serve.

Under the umbrella of the local Ozarks Health Commission, this first- time collaboration is the largest in the region spanning four states— Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas—51 counties and four hospital systems.

The working group saw the value of using a systematic, data-driven assessment to inform decisions and guide efforts to improve community health and wellness on a regional level. This larger, concerted approach will leverage common strengths and strategies to move in the same direction on significant health concerns.

This assessment, along with the resulting action plan, will allow decision-makers to have a more holistic and up-to-date picture with which to strategically address community health concerns in their own jurisdictions.