2019 Reports

In 2017, a variety of organizations across the Ozarks reconvened under the umbrella of the Ozarks Health Commission to assess the health needs of our region. Building upon the success of the 2016 Regional Health Assessment, partners again sought to better understand the health status, behaviors and needs of the populations they serve.

This 2019 Assessment combines more than 140 hospital and community data indicators as well as feedback from stakeholders and the broader community. This process resulted in health priorities from five Assessed Health Issues: lung disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and mental health. Weaving among the issues identified were five common threads: access to health care, mental health, physical activity, social determinants of health, and tobacco use. Additionally, the health status of populations of interest—such as people in poverty, minorities and the elderly–were also analyzed.


The 2019 Regional Health Assessment was completed for 29 counties in four states, divided into six communities.

Branson Community

Representing four counties in Arkansas and Missouri.

Joplin Community

Representing nine counties in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Lebanon Community

Representing six counties in Missouri.

Monett Community

Representing two counties in Missouri.

Mountain View Community

Representing five counties in Arkansas and Missouri.

Springfield Community

Representing three counties in Missouri.